Why do I hate God?

*Don’t start reading if easily offended or close minded…*



*You still here?*



*Okay, then…*



“Why do you hate God?”

You’re an atheist? Then you most probably heard this one at least once…

Here’s the thing: I don’t. We don’t. Atheists don’t give a f*** about whatever God (or gods) you belive in until provoked (like me now). And let’s get something clear, there’s a lot of jerks who are provoking atheists on a daily basis.images

Okay? We’re not Antichrist. We don’t hate the Bible or Jesus. The same goes for the Church and God.

But, you people still think we do. Why is that? Why do you think we follow the devil? You hear the word atheism and you think of suffering and Hell. Why is that? No, we don’t follow the devil (we don’t believe in the Devil any more than in God). We’re not doing bad things. We’re human. Doing human things. If you didn’t ask me of my religion (or lack of), you wouldn’t be able to see the difference between you and me. I still help my neighbours when the need arises, donate to charity, follow the law… And I love my family.


I don’t need a God to know the difference between good and bad, nor does it define my personality in any way.

Yet, even though we are all good people and neighbours,  some atheists may get triggered when they see a Christian commenting bullshit about us, but the Atheist in question has a reason for doing that. And it’s always a personal thing (we’re not planning a massive genocide against religious people). Most often they get reminded of offensive words or actions done by Christians, and they get defensive. The most common reason is growing  up as an Atheist in a religious family. Trust me, that’s tougher than it sounds. And it can leave a lot of “scars on your skin”. a62Through my whole family is Christian, only my grandmother is a hardcore believer. I’m not. I doubted God for a long time before saying: “I’m an Atheist”. If I had the ability to say NO when I got christened when I was only a month old, trust me, I would. But, what’s done is done.

So, I never believed in God, and that made my dear grandma quite angry from time to time. And when someones starts yelling at me for my (again, lack of) belief, I get freaking angry, too. Luckily, for grandma, dad stepped in before I could really offend her. Here you go. Just as you don’t like being told that God doesn’t exist, so don’t we like listening to your “proof” of his existence.

My point: Growing up in such an environment can make you hate religious people, not God himself. Even then, you don’t hate all religious people. You hate only a small section of them. At worst all the Christians, but you don’t have anything against Muslims or Jews. It’s impossible to hate the whole world (if you do, please seek help).

(Another reason) “Why I don’t hate God!”

God doesn’t exist in my (our) mind. And I don’t see a valid reason for hating something that doesn’t, quite simply, exsist. That’s like I would waste my energy going around the Internet or my town, and saying I HATE OBI-WAN KENOBI and argue with everyone who says  they do like him. It’s pointless. Obi-Wan isn’t real and I cannot change people’s opinion on him.

So, why do that?

You don’t do that. We don’t do that.

Sure, you may comment something offending about religion now and then, but we still don’t hate Him.e5e0fcb6e9abd3a2bb1f76bbdf5d9c8b

That’s it.

And before you settle into a debate with an Atheist, check the dictionary and do some research. One guy telling me the Earth is 6 000 thousand years old is enough.




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