I’m a huge fan of Star Wars fanfiction. Actually, Star Wars fanfiction is the only media I read fanfictions for. Like most Wookies (Star Wars fans), I have scenes in the movies and series I would like to change, vipe out of my memory even.

One such example is Jar Jar Binks. I cannot stand that guy. I want to throw him in a gundark’s pit, run him through with my lightsaber, sold him into slavery (Okay, the last one not. Slavery is bad and nobody should suffer like that).

Anyway, check these out, they are AWESOME.

Fanfictions!!! ♥♥♥


 The Sith & the Senator, Writtininstone

The best  Star Wars fanfiction (and probably in all medias) I have read.

It has perfect grammar and spelling, characterization, stunning dialog, unexpected twists, and much more 😉

Perfect for lovers of dark themes and M rated ficts (violence, language, and sexuality), and most importantly  Anidala shippers 😉

This is my favourite story ever writen, go check it out at Pierette Sawyer’s ( Writtininstone) blog or check it here

preuzmi (1) Dark Father, JoieMaris

This is JoieMaris’s first Fanfiction and it’s already among the best I have read (and I read them a lot).

This is an AU fic, where Vader is suitless and rises the twins. It also has a few surprises among the way 😉

Anyway, this is a MUST READ.

Luke and Leia are super cute in this one. Check it out here.

Padm-padme-naberrie-amidala-skywalker-31040671-1024-1485When It RainsMeriwyn

A lonely Padmé Amidala Skywalker looks to a violent thunderstorm for comfort, and ends up getting more than she was expecting 😉 😉

Warning: You must be 16+. This is a MA rated Fanfiction, with a lot of sexual scenes.

Check it out here.

preuzmi (2) This one is for the lovers of His Majesty, Darth Sidious.

 The Sidious Chronicles,  His Majesty the Emperor

It is said that the measure of a man is much more than skin deep. What makes a person tick then? What motivates them and drives them? Why do people do what they do? Let us look into the mind of the galaxy’s most infamous tyrant and find out, shall we?

No more explanation needed.

A must read, here’s the link


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